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How to describe this project? Is it design? Maybe is it advertising? It is communication. Here we talk, talk about the Origin of Ideas… and at the same time, we expose some of them.

Many of us know that inspiration comes when we are in the toilets… But why the toilets inspire us? And then, we saw that in our bathrooms, a big a number of cardboard tubes was joined as days go by. Yes, those cardboard tubes that grows in number near our toilets without realizing it. And it seems to be generated spontaneously. We also observed that this situation was repeated suspiciously in the bathrooms of people around us, friends, inside the advertising agencies, design studies, etc. And that was how we began to draw our disturbing conclusions…
The ideas had to be sent by them!

This is a topic of conversation, like many others, but we hope that you, who read this, the Origin of the Ideas, would be something that intrigued you a lot. Many things had been written about this origin, but the conspiracy theory was not written until now…

So, be suspicious, Internet user, right now many humans are prophets of the cardboard tubes from outer space…

Among all of them, we want to thank some people for their desire to try to expand this chilling discovery. They are:


Craftsmen of the code. Young and talented team of developers who programmed this site. Whe have been in his toilet, and we found that the tubes are intended to control their minds too.

Angharad Segura

Angharad Segura is the official photographer of the first alien cardboard tube, but maybe if you ask her, she may deny it… is she controlled by them?